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Educational workshops - Karlovac

Educative workshops for the Project "Developing mobile support services for blind persons in Croatia" continue in Karlovac.

Planning of workshops and exhibition in Karlovac

According to the planned project activities in each county where the project is implemented, we organize presentation of model of mobile support for the blind, peer-counseling workshops for members of local associations of the blind people with which the association...

The second stage of O&M training

In October the training of new users in Sisak-Moslavina, Karlovac and Split-Dalmatia County began. In this second stage of O&M field education 8 new users are included in the education. For most users this is the first time to be included in O&M training...

About association

Mobility and independence, as baseline determinants of Association’s activities, are prerequisites to social inclusion and quality of life of blind persons, from which the idea for this project developed.

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